For Yves, this is the most powerful spiritual journey and nothing is more healing than letting his inner child climb up and play in apogee.‟I feel closer to God.’’
Yves lets his spectators be witnesses of him taking on the sky with agility and prowess but with  delicacy. Once up there in his ropes and sails, he becomes an emitter of this Divine Light which each and everyone can then receive as a gift.



Fantasy on stilts
It is by the enchantment of his giant and dazzling characters that Yves puts a smile of amazement on everyone’s face, young and old. His 9 foot plus giants greet, direct and entertain all kinds of crowds. From his high-class entertainment, the public is mesmerized into magical and memorable moments.
Different themes and characters are available to suit your occasion.

Stilt Acrobatics
Stilt acrobatics require flexibility, power, coordination, dexterity and acute precision. Yves’s wind cutting skills range from meteoric ascents to gracious descents to the ground and from time stopping balances to hobgoblin acrobatics. You must see it to believe it!
Caution! Watching this air sculptor in action will have the effect of paralyzing your jaw totally dropped down and your eyes wide open.


Other disciplines

Circus is known to be like a drug leading to addiction. Once you get the taste of it, there is no turning back. With all the circus disciplines that exist today, one can easily go astray. ATTENTION! Yves Landry has officially become a circus addict!  He does as well: hand to hand, slackline, fire manipulation and he entertains crowds everywhere with his multiple vibrant characters.